One of the several reasons to choose Gubinsky Law Firm is that you will be working with a legal team that is results-oriented. Since its inception in 2011, Gubinsky Law Firm has always strived to offer competent legal counsel and representation to all our clients in Scott Township and across all other service areas.

Family Law and Estate Planning and Administration Lawyer

According to the most recent census numbers, the age distribution in Scott Township is fairly even, with the suburb being home to young professionals and retirees. The Gubinsky Law Firm is happy to provide qualified legal services on matters of family law and estate planning to the little less than 10,000 households that call Scott Township home.

Divorce and all that comes with this period of transition can be especially overwhelming, and we are here to protect and preserve your interests through it all. Our family law practice focuses on ensuring you get an equitable share of assets as well as alimony and spousal support. We will work to protect your custodial interests by securing an agreeable custody arrangement and child support for your children following the divorce.

Are you a Scott Township resident who needs a qualified and reliable estate planning lawyer? At The Gubinsky Law Firm, we provide estate planning counsel and will help with the preparation of wills, as well as medical and financial powers of attorney. We have years of experience handling the probate process and all that goes into estate administration. Our law firm has successfully handled the most complex of estate disputes over the years, and you can rest assured that we will stop at nothing to deliver the results you desire.

Our firm will explore all options and prepare you for the processes. For Mark Gubinsky, a competent mediator, out-of-court settlements are always a priority, and we will do our best to reach a resolution of all matters during mediation. As an expert in collaborative law, Mark has had an impeccable track record in case mediation. Rest assured, however, that, if it comes to it, we are more than capable of pursuing traditional litigation. In his over twenty years of practicing law, Mark Gubinsky has successfully won many family law and estate planning cases in court.

A Trusted Lawyer Near You

The Gubinsky Law Firm has easily accessible offices in Bridgeville, about a ten-minute drive from Scott Township. Contact us today via call or email to schedule a free, obligation-free consultation. Make your way down to our offices if you prefer a face-to-face consultation over having one over the telephone.