Equitable Distribution (Division of Marital Assets)

The distribution of the parties’ assets in regard to a divorce requires the ability to: (a) correctly identify marital assets or components of marital assets (i.e., the marital increase in value of pre-marital or non-marital assets); (b) to conduct appropriate discovery (request for financial information) either formally or informally to obtain the requisite information necessary to value the assets; and (c) to properly calculate or obtain appropriate valuation of assets (i.e. the value of pension benefits or an interest in a family or closely held business).

Once the value of the marital estate is determined, it is necessary to distribute the assets between the parties either by agreement or litigation based upon the certain factors set forth in the Pennsylvania Divorce Code. These can be found in our FAQ.

Mark Gubinsky has over 20 years of experience in handling complex asset distributions. This allows him to properly advise clients in regard to property distributions, or to competently litigate the property distribution issues if necessary