Collaborative Law

Haven’t You Had Enough Fighting?

You once cared about each other enough to say, “I do.”
Shouldn’t you at least respect each other enough to say, “Let’s do this right?”

Deciding to divorce brings many new challenges and opportunities.
Many of the issues may be worth fighting and going to court over.
Other issues are simply not worth the cost, both financially and emotionally.

Mark can help you determine if you are a good candidate for a collaborative divorce. This differs from the typical divorce process in that you, your spouse, and your respective attorneys work out the issues through a process that relies more on your good judgment, and NOT on the court system. The process involves a written agreement in which you and your spouse agree to not go to court and to resolve all issues related to your divorce in four way meetings with you and your attorneys.   The process can save time, money, and perhaps most importantly, your dignity in the divorce. You may well feel more empowered and therefore less resentment toward your former spouse.

If the collaborative process is not a good fit for you or the divorce-related issues. Mark is fully trained and prepared to litigate your case through the traditional divorce process.

Mark Gubinsky’s Qualifications as a Collaborative Law Practitioner

If you think the Collaborative Law Process might be the right fit for you, ask whatever attorney you consider retaining if he or she satisfies both the IACP qualifications as a collaborative attorney and the IACP qualifications as a collaborative trainer.

Mark Gubinsky’s qualifications as a Collaborative Law Practitioner includes:

  • Mark was one of three original founding members of the first collaborative law practice group in Western Pennsylvania: The Collaborative Law Association of Southwestern Pennsylvania (CLASP). CLASP was founded in 2006 and now has a current membership in excess of 70 members.
  • Mark is a Past President of CLASP.
  • Mark has completed the following trainings in collaborative law
    • Two Day Basic Training in 2006
    • One Day Intermediate Collaborative Law Training in 2010
    • Three Day Master Class Collaborative Law Training in 2012
  • Mark has served as trainer for two day basic collaborative law trainings in November, 2011, April, 2012 and November, 2012 in Western Pennsylvania
  • Mark satisfies the IACP (international Academy of Collaborative Professionals) requirements for Collaborative Professionals, including:
    • Member in good standing of IACP
    • Member in good standing of local practice group (Collaborative Law Association of Southwestern Pennsylvania);
    • A minimum of twelve hours of basic collaborative law training (completed in 2006);
    • A minimum of thirty hours of mediation training (completed in 2011)
    • A minimum of an additional 15 hours in collaborative law training (completed in 2012).
  • Mark satisfies the IACP requirements as a Collaborative Trainer, including:
    • Participation in at least 10 collaborative law cases;
    • Accumulation of at least 50 hours of practice in collaborative cases;
    • At least 20 hours of experience as a collaborative law trainer;
    • At least 24 hours of training in the collaborative process; and
    • At least five years of experience in collaborative law.