For over 11 years, The Gubinsky Law Firm, P.C., has successfully handled legal family disputes for clients residing in Cecil Township, PA. The Gubinsky Law Firm specializes in family law and estate planning practices. All our attorneys have over two decades of experience in the practice.

If you live in Cecil Township, PA, and are facing family disputes around divorce, custody, or succession, our leading professionals are here to help. An experienced and dedicated partner will handle your matter from beginning to end and not delegate it to a less experienced junior partner or associate.

The Gubinsky Law Firm, P.C, family law practice provides representation on matters of divorce, alimony, cohabitation, equitable distribution, prenuptial agreements, and spousal and child support. Our Managing Partner and Attorney, Mark Gubinsky, has over two decades of experience in family law, with a record of providing family law clients with personal representation while maintaining respect and discretion. Over the years, Mark Gubinsky has successfully represented numerous clients in court hearings, appeals, and divorce proceedings.

Our law firm’s estate planning practice includes will preparation and financial and medical powers of attorney. Our attorneys tailor your estate planning and advice documents to your needs and also handle the preparation of estate administration documents and inheritance tax returns. The Gubinsky Law Firm also handles estate and trust litigation, and has represented many clients in disputes around wills and trusts.

Our lawyers at The Gubinsky Law Firm, P.C. appreciate that traditional in-court resolutions can be costly, lengthy, and emotionally draining. In our spirit to provide faster and cost-effective legal representation, we prioritize out-of-court agreements through collaborative law and mediation.

Mark Gubinsky, a trained mediator who has successfully handled mediations, will act as a mediating party, helping you achieve resolutions in family-related disputes. He also has extensive experience as a Collaborative Law Practitioner, being one of three original founding members of the first collaborative law practice group in Western Pennsylvania. With collaborative law, you, your spouse, and your respective attorneys handle your issues out of court. Mark Gubinsky can help you determine if you are a good candidate for collaborative divorce.

The Gubinsky Law Firm offices are conveniently located in Bridgeville, about 7 miles (a 12- minute drive) from Cecil Township, PA. If you are in Cecil Township, PA, or surrounding areas, and are looking for experienced family law and estate planning attorneys, email or call us at (412) 564-5043 to schedule a free 30-minute consultation today.