Log cabin in Collier Township, PAIf you live in Collier, Township, PA and are facing legal family disputes involving succession, divorce, or custody, Gubinsky Law Firm, P.C. is here to help. Our law firm has been providing family law representation to families in Collier Township, PA for over 11 years. You can depend on our professional lawyers to help you avoid costly legal mistakes and resolve your case successfully.

The Gubinsky Law Firm practices cover family law and estate law in Collier Township, PA. Our family law practice focuses on divorce. We know that divorces can be long, expensive, and painful, but experienced lawyers strive to help you reduce the amount of time you spend finalizing your divorce. We lay out all the required documents and schedule proper proceedings to afford you a speedy process. Our lawyers can provide strong representation in different aspects of divorce law including prenuptial agreements, non-traditional and cohabitation agreements, division of marital assets (equitable distribution), and child and spousal support.

We also handle all areas of estate law to prevent you from making costly estate planning mistakes. We handle estate planning and administration including will preparation, financial and medical powers of attorney, estate planning advice, and preparing customized estate planning and estate administration documents. Our firm also provides estate litigation services in Collier Township. Our experienced attorney can help you resolve any disputes regarding estate administration of a deceased family member.

At the Gubinsky Law Firm, we know that traditional in-court case resolutions are often lengthy and costly. We prioritize out-of-court agreements for faster and cost-effective case resolutions. Two alternative resolution channels we provide are collaborative law, which involves a round table meeting between conflicting parties and lawyers, and mediation.

Our experienced Attorney, Mark Gubinsky, strives to resolve family cases outside of court. He is a trained mediator who has successfully handled mediations in divorce and custody cases. Over the past twenty years, Mark has represented clients in Collier Township through court hearings and appeals and resolved numerous divorce cases.

The Gubinsky Law Firm has offices conveniently located in Bridgeville, just four miles (a 10 minute drive) from Collier Township. Our qualified attorneys are ready to guide you through the legal process and successfully resolve your divorce or family case. Call us at (412) 564-5043 or email us at  info@gubinskylaw.com to schedule a free consultation today.